Commercial Services

For the business:

Keys -  copied or cut by code.  We can stamp the keys to help identify it's use (please note: it's preferable to use the fewest number of letters/numbers - 5 or less.)

Master keying
- Allows for a number of different keys to work in one lock.

Rekeying locks - Lost track of who has what key? Don't know how many keys are out there?  This allows for a fresh start.  

Install/fix/replace locksets
- From drilling to install new locks to repairing broken parts to replacing locks that can't be repaired we'll make sure you're in proper working order. 

Exit Devices
- We sell and install exit devices.  

Exit Device Alarms

Door closers - We offer a few different brands of door closers.

Electronic/Mechanical locks
- We sell and install locks operated by key, code, prox or code plus prox.  

Restricted keyways - Keep control of who has copies with high security keyways that prevent unauthorized duplication.  


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